Year: 2023

Minor Car Accident

Should I Get a Lawyer For a Minor Car Accident?

Have you ever found yourself at the scene of a minor car accident and wondering, “Should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident?”. A fender bender in the parking lot or an unexpected tap on your bumper might seem no big deal. You might think it’s simpler to exchange insurance info with the

Head Concussion

Can you drive after a Concussion?

Imagine the world blurring into a haze after an unexpected jolt to your head. A bump, maybe from contact sports or a sudden fall accident, that’s all it takes for the mind-boggling maze of concussions to set in. Now you’re left with one pressing question: Can you drive after a concussion? This blog post is

Healing after a car crash

Healing After a Car Crash: Managing Emotional Trauma and Shock

Suffering a car crash is an overwhelming and scarring experience. There is often physical damage to both the vehicle and your body; however, there may also be emotional trauma that goes unrecognized.  This emotional damage can range from shock, fear, guilt, denial, or even depression — all of which can impact your ability to cope