Determine Price of Pain and Suffering

How do you determine the price of pain and suffering?

How do you measure the immeasurable? How do you determine the price of pain and suffering? These are good questions, ones that victims of personal injury ask to others. Pain is more than a feeling; it’s an experience that affects every facet of daily life. Picturing yourself waking up each day to relentless physical agony

Healing after a car crash

Healing After a Car Crash: Managing Emotional Trauma and Shock

Suffering a car crash is an overwhelming and scarring experience. There is often physical damage to both the vehicle and your body; however, there may also be emotional trauma that goes unrecognized.  This emotional damage can range from shock, fear, guilt, denial, or even depression — all of which can impact your ability to cope

U turn road sign

When is a U-Turn Legal in Nevada? An In-Depth Guide

As a business district, when driving in Nevada, it’s common to navigate through congested traffic lanes and decide to make a U-turn in Nevada. But is it legal? Are there rules to follow, especially in places like a school zone or pedestrian safety zone? In this blog, we’ll explore the relevant laws governing U-turns in