Do You Need a Las Vegas Lyft Accident Lawyer?

A lot of people today choose to utilize ridesharing companies like Lyft or Uber to help them get to where they need to go. It can be a convenient option when you don’t have any other option for a ride.

However, this type of service raises some interesting questions when it comes to accidents. Namely, what happens when you are in an accident with a rideshare driver? As with so many accidents, it will depend on a range of circumstances.

Who Is at Fault for a Lyft Accident in Nevada?

Because extra parties are involved, it can be complicated to file a claim. Proving liability is often difficult. It tends to take attorneys to decipher liability in these types of cases.

In some cases, it might be the fault of a Lyft driver who was being negligent, and the Lyft insurance would be responsible for covering damages. If someone in another vehicle is at fault, they should be held accountable. If a Lyft driver is offline from the app and has a crash, then the driver’s personal insurance would be responsible.

The person at fault could also be a pedestrian, a cyclist, a truck driver, a government agency, the manufacturer of a defective part, a transit company, etc.

As you can see, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault. Attorneys can help by examining police reports, checking medical records, getting photographic evidence, talking with witnesses, and even hiring experts in some cases.

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What’s Required to Be a Lyft Driver in Nevada?

Certain rules and requirements must be met by Lyft drivers in Nevada before they are allowed to drive for the company. Those who are driving in Las Vegas, for example, need to have a vehicle that is 2013 or newer. It needs to have four doors, and it needs to have between five and eight seatbelts.

Driver Requirements Include:

  • Valid Nevada driver’s license (those who are active duty military or a military dependent can have an out-of-state license and vehicle registration).
  • Age 25 or older.
  • Pass a driver screening, which will review driving history and criminal background.
  • Have a smartphone that can download and run the Lyft Driver app.

Common Causes of Lyft Accidents in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city, but the roads have the potential to be dangerous. For starters, the roads here are often packed with people and vehicles, at least along the Strip and similar areas. Since these are places where people often want to go with their Lyft, there is an increased risk of accidents.

These accidents could occur because other people on the road have been drunk driving. It could be due to distracted driving and reckless driving, as well. Some of the other top causes of motor vehicle accidents in the city include speeding, drowsy driving, failure to yield, and vehicle issues.

While these are some of the types of accidents that tend to happen more often than others, there are countless potential reasons for an accident. When you’ve been injured, you and your attorney will want to find the root cause of what happened before determining who is at fault and how much the claim could be worth.

Traffic Collision

How Much Is a Lyft Claim Worth in Las Vegas?

Once again, this is going to vary based on the circumstances of the accident, your injuries, and more. Never trust online calculators that claim they can let you know how much you could receive. These are not accurate and they don’t account for all of the other factors involved.

Additionally, you shouldn’t simply trust what the insurance company tells you. Even if they say that they are providing you with the best deal and pressure you to take it, contact an attorney. Only a Las Vegas Lyft accident attorney will have the knowledge and experience to help you understand what you deserve to receive and what you are likely to receive.

What to Do After a Lyft Accident in Las Vegas?

What should you do if you are involved in an accident? Naturally, the first step is to take stock of your health. If you or someone else is injured in the crash, call emergency services immediately. After the accident, you should still get checked out by a medical professional. Adrenalin can often mask injuries, so you may not know just how injured you are right away.

You also need to contact the police. Whenever there is an accident that involves property damage or physical injury in Nevada, it needs to be reported to the police. The police report could be a valuable piece of evidence.

Additionally, you will want to try to gather witnesses and take photos at the scene if you can do so. Make note of anything that you feel could help to identify who is at fault.

Also, remember not to take a settlement from an insurance company without talking to a Las Vegas Lyft accident attorney first. The goal of the insurance companies is to pay out as little as they can, so they will try to get you to agree to a low settlement. Don’t fall for this.

Contact a Las Vegas Lyft Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one is reading this page due to an injury suffered because of a Lyft accident, we hope you are doing well and receiving the help and care you need. We also hope that the information you’ve found on the page proves to be helpful. If you would like to speak with a personal injury lawyer at Temple Injury Law about your situation, call us or contact us online. There is no charge to talk with us about your case.