Are you a driver in Las Vegas or another part of Nevada? If you own a vehicle of your own, it’s mandatory to carry liability insurance that covers at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. This is required before registering a vehicle. If you are at fault in an auto accident, your policy will cover damage to the other person up to the policy limits. 

The problem is that in some car accidents, the person at fault will have minimal insurance coverage that doesn’t cover the full amount of damages. Sometimes, the person will not have insurance at all. This is why it’s important to have underinsured (UIM) or uninsured motorist coverage (UM). With this type of coverage, you will be compensated with your own insurance if you weren’t the one at fault during the accident. 

If you have questions about these topics, the best person to answer them is a Las Vegas uninsured motorist coverage claim attorney. These policies can vary between individuals and are often complicated to understand in full. If you’ve been involved in an accident and want to find out what your policy covers, reach out to an experienced attorney.

What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage and How Can It Be Claimed?

What does uninsured motorist insurance cover in Nevada? If you get into an accident with an uninsured motor vehicle, having uninsured motorist coverage gives you extra protection through your auto insurance policy. This insurance covers you (and others in your vehicle) if the at-fault driver has no insurance. This coverage is used when a driver in an accident has no insurance and is at fault. 

Another common question is: does Nevada offer UMPD? Uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD) insurance will cover the cost of a damaged or destroyed vehicle when the person who caused the damage has no insurance. This insurance doesn’t cover the costs of billboards, road signs, buildings, or homes. If you have full coverage insurance, it includes UMPD in Nevada.

Las Vegas Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Nevada requires insurance providers to offer uninsured motorist coverage. However, it’s not mandatory to pay for this insurance. It’s an add-on that can help pay for bills if someone without insurance crashes into you. If this occurs and you are hit by another driver or otherwise end up in an accident, this insurance ensures you get compensation for injuries. 

If the other person has no coverage, you can’t be compensated for damages by them. The only way to ensure you get what you are owed is if you carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy.  This is why it is so important to have this additional insurance.  

If an uninsured driver hits you, the best step to take is to reach out to an uninsured motorist coverage claim lawyer. They can determine the best steps to take as you move forward, including getting you the compensation for the damages that you deserve.

What Is Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

We’ve talked quite a bit about uninsured motorist coverage, but you might wonder what the difference is between that and underinsured motorist coverage. This is another form of insurance that you can choose to purchase but that is not mandatory to have to drive in the state. 

While uninsured insurance is for when a driver has no insurance, underinsured coverage is for accidents with someone who has low policy limits that don’t cover all of your damages. 

Unlike some states, Nevada bundles together uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage into a single policy. If you purchase one, you get the other. So, you’re covered against uninsured drivers as well as those who have a policy that doesn’t cover all the damages you experienced.

Filing a Claim Against an Uninsured Motorist

Instead of trying to pursue the other driver personally, the better option is to file a claim with your insurer under your uninsured motorist coverage. If all of your damages are more than the other driver’s insurance limits, you will receive some amount of money to cover your damages.  

What to Do If You’ve Been Hurt in an Accident with an Uninsured Motorist

What happens if the person at fault in an accident has no insurance in Nevada? If you get into an accident with them, you’ll need to file with your insurance company. An uninsured motorist claim needs to be filled out. There are several steps you should take to protect your rights at the scene of the accident.

  • Contact law enforcement
  • Acquire the driver’s name, contact information, and license number
  • Get immediate medical attention
  • Save any possible evidence from the scene
  • Contact a Nevada auto insurance attorney to learn your options

Protecting Victims of Uninsured Motorists

There are other questions you might have before moving forward after an accident. For instance: will my insurance go up if I use an uninsured motorist claim in Nevada? The answer is no. The law prohibits insurance providers from raising rates or ending policies based on filing an uninsured motorist claim. 

It’s also important to answer another question. What is the statute of limitations for a UIM claim in Nevada? You will need to file this claim within six years. Not doing so means it is very unlikely you will win the case and get compensation for your damages. 

Temple Injury Law is here to protect you if you’ve been in an accident with an uninsured motorist. After an accident, we believe your family and health should be a priority. We’re here to help with everything else. Reach out to us if you have questions or wish to have a free consultation. We have no fees unless we win the case for you.