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Healing after a car crash

Healing After a Car Crash: Managing Emotional Trauma and Shock

Suffering a car crash is an overwhelming and scarring experience. There is often physical damage to both the vehicle and your body; however, there may also be emotional trauma that goes unrecognized.  This emotional damage can range from shock, fear, guilt, denial, or even depression — all of which can impact your ability to cope

U turn road sign

When is a U-Turn Legal in Nevada? An In-Depth Guide to Understanding U-Turn Laws

As a driver, you may have asked yourself when a U-turn is legal in Nevada. This question is more than just a mere inquiry; it can be crucial for your safety and adherence to the law. As experts in the field, we at Temple Injury Law are committed to demystifying Nevada’s U-turn laws. In addition,

6 Steps To Take After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

Being hit by a drunk driver can be life-changing. Make sure you know your rights and what steps to take. Nobody wants to think about being hit by a drunk driver, but accidents happen. You should be prepared if this happens, whether it’s you or a loved one. 1 – Contact Law Enforcement If the