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Las Vegas is known as the world’s entertainment capital, where millions of visitors flock every year to enjoy the dazzling casinos and resorts. Forbes reported that casinos across Nevada brought in $14.8 billion in gambling revenue in 2022, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This shows how profitable and popular the casino industry is and how crowded and risky it can be for those who visit or work in these establishments.

Behind the glitz and glamour, many hazards and dangers can cause serious injuries to casino patrons and employees. From slip and fall accidents to food poisoning to assault and battery, casino injuries can have devastating consequences for the victims and their families. With so much money and activity involved, casino management and owners must ensure the safety and security of their premises and guests. However, sometimes they fail to do so, resulting in negligence and liability for the injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a casino accident, you need reliable Las Vegas casino injury attorneys to help you fight for your rights and compensation.

Common Types of Injuries from Casino Accidents

Casino accidents are a type of premises liability claim, which means that the owner or operator of the casino may be held responsible for the injuries suffered by the guests on their property. Some of the common types of injuries from casino accidents are:

  • Neck and back injuries can result from slip and fall accidents, elevator or escalator malfunctions, or faulty chairs.
  • Lacerations, bruises, and contusions can be caused by broken glass, sharp objects, or falling merchandise.
  • Torn and strained tendons and ligaments occur from tripping on cords, uneven floor surfaces, or poorly maintained equipment.
  • Fractured or displaced bones can result from falls from heights, such as balconies or railings, or from being crushed by heavy objects.
  • Concussions and spinal cord injuries can result from head trauma, such as hitting the floor, a wall, or a slot machine, or from being assaulted or robbed.
  • Food poisoning can result from eating contaminated or spoiled food served by the casino or its restaurants.
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Types of Damages You Can Recover After a Casino Injury

Understanding the potential damages in your personal injury lawsuit is crucial if you’ve suffered injuries at a Las Vegas casino due to negligence. These financial compensations can cover various losses and expenses related to your accident.

Pain & Suffering Compensation

Apart from tangible financial losses such as medical bills and lost wages, victims may also be entitled to pain & suffering compensation. Victims may be eligible for compensation to cover physical and emotional pain, such as distress due to: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD

Evaluating pain & suffering isn’t straightforward since they involve subjective elements, unlike clear-cut numbers associated with other damages. Hence, having expert legal counsel becomes indispensable here, too.

Punitive Damages

In some instances where it’s proven that casino management acted recklessly or intentionally disregarded safety measures leading up to the incident – punitive damages might come into play. Punitive damages are additional payments that a defendant found guilty of a wrong or offense must pay on top of compensatory damages. They are meant to punish the defendant for grossly negligent or intentional conduct and to deter others from doing the same.

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When Should You File Your Casino Injury Claim?

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If you have suffered an injury at a casino and are considering filing a claim, the timing of when you should file can depend on various factors. Here are some general considerations:

Statute of Limitations

Every jurisdiction has a statute of limitations, the legal time limit within which you must file a lawsuit. You may lose your right to pursue a claim if you miss this deadline. It’s crucial to know the specific time limit applicable to your case.

Prompt Reporting 

Reporting the incident to the casino as soon as possible is generally advisable. Prompt reporting can help establish the facts of the case and is a requirement in some jurisdictions.

Gathering Evidence 

The sooner you start collecting evidence related to the incident, the better. This may include photographs of the scene, witness statements, medical records, and any other relevant documentation.

Preservation of Evidence

Casinos may have security footage crucial to your case. Preserving this evidence is essential, as security footage may be overwritten or deleted after a certain period.

Medical Treatment

Seeking prompt medical attention is essential for your health and can strengthen your case. Delaying medical treatment might be used against you by the other party to dispute the severity or cause of your injuries.

Consultation with an Attorney

It’s wise to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They can assess the specifics of your case, advise you on the relevant laws in your jurisdiction, and help you understand the appropriate timing for filing a claim.

Get Started With a Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyer

Injuries can occur anytime in the bustling casinos that line the strip. Casino owners who fail to maintain safe premises should be held liable for different types of accidents that may occur.

With expert guidance, navigating insurance claims after an accident can be simple and manageable. A skilled Las Vegas Casino Injury lawyer at Temple Injury Law specializes in this area, providing victims with invaluable assistance throughout their claim process. Schedule a consultation with us to help you with the legal process.

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